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Ulrike Alexopoulos cannot go to sleep at night until all tasks of the day are done, all problems are solved, and all matters are closed. She loves efficient processes, lean solutions, and a fast pace. The word “can’t” is not in her vocabulary.  She makes everything possible, brings structure to chaos, and does not mince words when things get a bit too chaotic in the hustle and bustle behind the scenes of one of our projects. That way, Ulrike makes sure that the rest of the team keeps a clear head to deal with our clients’ issues. She is the backbone of our entire operation.

In next life:

Author of history books on Europe in the Middle Ages or castle owner in Wales.


Ulrike Alexopoulos has been a team assistant at eccelerate since 2015. 

She has nearly 20 years of experience and knows the consulting business inside and out. She had the opportunity to hone her skills at McKinsey & Company, where she was assigned to C-level working for senior directors. She then followed some McKinsey consultants to their start-up 12snap, where she worked in mobile marketing. This was followed by positions at Apax Partners and AlixPartners, where she most recently managed the recruiting and HR departments in addition to being the executive assistant to the German managing director.


After the birth of her son and the end of her parental leave, Ulrike joined eccelerate, where she can work in a consultancy with a start-up character at introducing and implementing all the structures and processes she learned during her career. Every day, she puts her many years of experience to work for eccelerate and our clients.

Ulrike completed her studies in foreign language correspondence and translation (English and Italian) at the Fachakademie (Professional Academy) in Munich. When she is not working for eccelerate, she likes to spend every available minute with her family and enjoys Munich and the surrounding area, but also likes to travel abroad or simply go to the playground. 

Consultiung focus:

Before eccelerate:


Executive Assistant



Executive Assistant



Auction Manager



Executive Assistant

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